"I Was The Only Stiff Kid In Class"

--Find out the secret advantage parents are giving their performing kid--

When you go to practice are you the one without your splits and can't kick overhead?

I know how sad you feel and how you keep it a secret bottled up inside.

You wish so much that you could get your leg straight up over your head... like that Suzie in the front row. Except she doesn’t have to hold it up there—with a “death grip” hand hold.

It seems like Suzie was born that way—a freak of nature. But, she wasn’t.

Nobody is born super flexible. They work on it. But you don't know that.

I've met kids just like you, who've tried stretches and get nowhere and give up.

They think, “Oh, it’s not possible for me to be flexible, let alone super flexible.”

But it is.

Reason #1

The stretch exercises aren't sequenced correctly.

It’s essential that the stretches go in a particular sequence for students of the performing arts.

The sequence ensures that the large muscles wake up slowly so they don’t get “angry” and lock up on you like when you do high-flexibility stretches.

Reason #2

The gatekeeper muscles didn't get stretched.

Students want to get the flashy tricks and mistakenly focus on only their splits and getting their leg up. That strategy doesn’t get results.

The secret is in coaxing the little ancillary muscles.

Think of the little muscles as the gatekeepers to the big muscles.

They are like the guards at Buckingham Palace blocking you to get into the palace (the big muscles).

Once you wake up the gatekeeper muscles you can then properly stretch the big muscles and get to your goals--the WOW moves!

Reason #3

Use of fitness or yoga stretches won't help performers like Dancers, Gymnasts, Cheer, Acrobats, Ballet, etc.

The stretches from fitness people target deconditioned adults.

Yoga people have some crazy poses that are stretchy, but they can’t do what we do.

Their stretches don’t condition them to use their stretches in big movement, like flying in the air with jumps, splits, and leaps!

And, don’t forget the performance face you have need! Yup, fitness and yoga people don’t need that.

Reason #4

Old myths keep you from your flexibility goals.

  1. You bought into “ageism.” You either think you’re too young or too old to stretch. Both are incorrect.
  2. You bought into “flexible people are born that way.” Nobody is born flexible. Not even the children of contortionists. Walk into a daycare center of two-year-olds. None of them can do the splits. Flexibility is acquired, not given.
  3. You bought into “what others negatively said about you.” Maybe you overheard “She’s always going to be stiff.” Plenty of inflexible students achieve flexibility given the correct program.

Reason #5

Not stretching daily using a proven stretching system.

There are some things in life you can do occasionally (weed the garden or clean out your closet). Then there are some things you need to do every day (brush and floss your teeth).

Then there are some things you need to do everyday until you get it right and then do it occasionally. One example would be stretching.

Occasionally doing stretches that you’re guessing at won’t get you to your goal.

But with a proven stretching program, you can follow it until you get your desired level of flexibility.

I'm Christine Rich and I've been helping students become all-star dancers and acrobatics for three decades.

I've won awards for outstanding choreography at the most difficult, international elite ballet competitions (YAGP.org) and professional dance festivals.

To get there, I had to coach and develop students and get them flexible. REALLY flexible!

A while back, I saw how a few cutting edge performers were pushing the old boundaries of performance flexibility.

The bar was raised.

I knew for my dance and acrobatics students to stay competitive, (like my student in the picture above) we had to radically change our approach, because while we had good flexibility, it wasn’t enough for the new extreme flexibility of seen this past decade.

Knowing the end goals, I methodically worked backwards to create (and prove) a new super flexibility program meeting the demands of the performing arts.

  • Dance (lyrical, ballet, contemporary, modern, jazz, hip hop, etc.)
  • Gymnastics
  • Cheer
  • Acrobatics
  • Dance Team
  • Competition Team
  • Martial Arts

Over the years of testing, I discovered that:

  1. I got the “wow” results in students I was after
  2. Students KEPT their flexibility unlike the previous program
  3. The results were used successfully in choreography with winning scores
  4. Students wanted to do the program on their own

I wanted to offer this program-- to you-- so that you too can finally achieve the same remarkable success my students have achieved--all who had to learn flexibility.

You just needed the correct stretching program.


Get started now!

Flexible FOREVER understands the needs of students of movement and delivers a proven stretching program that is only available here.

In fact, there’s no other full-stretch program out there designed for students of the performing arts.

Now from the comfort of your home, you can work with my student demonstrators (grade school age through high school) as I guide you and them through the Flexible FOREVER sequences to get the winning results we get!

This is the exact program students have used to get top scholarships and high-level attention.

This video course saves you time and money!

SAVES TIME: It took me a few years to figure out what you SHOULD be doing with PROVEN results.

SAVES MONEY: Taking this class in a school once weekly for a year would cost you over $900 (and you wouldn't get the results you want!)

With consistency, you’ll achieve your goals in no time and catch up to (or surpass) your teammates--like Suzie!

After using Flexible FOREVER you'll have . . .

  • High Kicks Whether you call it a grand battement in ballet or a Rockette high kick, you’ll be able to do them! Just imagine being in a competition and on that one big note, you kick by your ear leaving your choreographer beaming.
  • Drop Splits How cool will you look on stage (and on Mom’s Facebook) jumping high and then dropping in full splits? The crowd always loves that one!
  • Leg Hold Pencil Turns You know the spins with the leg held way up over the head that the audience goes wild for? It’s a vertical split turn. For these you have to be past a split... and yes, Flexible FOREVER will get you there!
  • Side Leaps and Toe Touches Can you imagine you and your teammates all jumping high and you too look like an airplane?! You’ll be stretched from foot to foot and sky high with a big smile! That’s very cool.
  • Scorpions Whether it’s for a picture or choreography, you’ll be able to stand and grab your leg behind your head. How amazing will that be?!
  • Show-Off Leg Holds and Tilts Another vertical split but with a balance. When you take your vertical split into a lean, it becomes a tilt, and Flexible FOREVER gets you limber that way!
  • More Stamina Once you reduce the tightness of the muscles, there is a release of energy. Your stamina increases when the muscle tightness goes away. Being super limber is not only therapeutic, but invigorating! Think of it like this—If you jogged with tight muscles to the point that your stride was short and your back was hunched, you’d tire quickly. But as you get limber you’ll feel physically free. This is the program designed to get you there.

Who is Flexible FOREVER right for?

Beginners AND advanced ages 4 1/2 and up.

If you want ultimate flexibility, this course will help you get there.

Students tired of wasting their time.

You want those big trick movements to advance your skills.

Not getting results. You'd LOVE to find a program

that produces the outcome to match your effort and see progress!

Performing students wanting to rapidly increase their flexibility.

You've got things coming up soon that you want to dazzle at!

Who is Flexible FOREVER not right for?

"Get splits tomorrow" people.

Nobody becomes a star overnight. Flexibility needs consistency until you reach your goal.

Not interested in being the best.

Don't give up on yourself! Push to see how far you can go and be delighted with the new you.

Distracted by unimportant things.

Social media anyone? Cut out the activities and negative people to have time for this stellar program.

Mediocre people.

Mediocrity (being average) is a virus. Be consistent to this program and you'll stand out!

Here's your chance.

If you've ever secretly dreamed of having full splits and your leg up by your ear, now's the time.

When you get this online video course, you'll have instant access (and 24/7 access thereafter!) by logging into your account.

In the video, I’ll take you through my proven step-by-step solution for finding your ultimate flexibility.

You’ll go from, “I’ll never get my splits," to “Hey, LOOK at my splits!” and mom will tell the world!

I’ve used this exact program to train stiff kids into professionals and award winners … it really works!

The best part? The huge grin on your face when you reach your highest flexibility goals--the ones you never thought possible.

Plus, as I mentioned earlier . . .




Remember, this stretching program, if you took it at a school, would cost you well over $900 a year, every year, and you wouldn't get the results you'll get by doing Flexible FOREVER at home.

Oh...there's a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee if you don't think this online video course is giving you results, surprises and new confidence... if you don't feel proud to show off your constantly improving flexibility... if mom isn't grabbing her cell phone to take pictures because she's so wowed... just email me and I'll get that refund right away. No questions asked!

And, I know how much you secretly hold in the sadness of not having your splits or your leg up high by your ear...and tell no one.

Or pretend in class that you're fine, when you really long to have your high leaps and high kicks.

That's all going to change when you get this course. Watch how fast!

I'm looking forward to hearing your excitement!


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Christine Rich
Christine Rich

Christine Rich is a master teacher and coach for over 30 years having taught tens of thousands of performing arts students and coached everyone from children, parents, dating singles to married couples. A multi-entrepreneur, Christine is an author, copywriter, dance teacher and coach, speaker, inventor, fitness product and movement patent holder, spokesperson, award-winning choreographer, master certified coach in multiple platforms, successful business owner, dance, acrobatic & acting studio owner for three decades, and thought leader in motivations for reducing fearful anxiety to create your best self. Awarded Outstanding Choreographer twice at the most elite international dance competition for students--YAGP.org

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