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Hi there, it's Christine and that's what I wished I'd had at the beginning of one disastrous "fake relationship" after the next.

They would start out like a "forever relationship." The guy and I would do fun activities, dates, movies, walks, exchange "I love yous" and travel together.

But despite all of those "relationship things" it was never a relationship. It NEVER went anywhere as in living together and a ring.

I wasted a LOT of time and suffered heartbreak.

If I had the knowledge presented in this course, it would have been the game changer for sure.

See, guys will do two things in a relationship they don't look at as long-term: 1. Tell you what you want to hear to avoid confrontation, and 2. Create distance while doing the BARE MINIMUM contact to keep you hooked.


Because you provide an ego stroke and occasional hook-up and there's NOTHING you can do to change this.

They made their decision in the first FEW MINUTES OF MEETING YOU.

This is why you hear of men dragging along with a great woman for a LONG time to then dump her, and have a baby with a new girl. Or marriage.

The guy decided at the beginning of meeting the woman if she was a convenient Mock Girlfriend to bide time with until the woman who made him feel breathless came along.

This is why it's ESSENTIAL for YOU to even the dating playing field and know how he really wants to deal with you right away.

Just imagine going out with a guy for the first time and knowing in 3 minutes what he REALLY thinks about you and your future as a romantic partner.

No more being used, right?!

No more heartbreak!

No more time wasted when you could have been on the market for Mr. Right to run into you.

In this course, you'll learn the secret signal a man gives upon meeting you. It's been proven on a wide variety of men with amazing prediction results.

As a certified relationship/love/dating coach, I've listened to and witnessed unnecessary heartbreak in great women.

Once they knew the course material, they took their power back and were able to smartly sort through men and give their undivided attention to the men who EQUALLY thought they were worth the long term love.

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Here’s what you will get:

--A guy capable of DESIRING YOU and showering you with long term love.

--A guy who can cherish and adore you.

--A guy who can make you his priority and show you that daily.

--A guy who will value you enough to make dating fun (like it should be) and feeling safe (because you know he's THERE).

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Christine Rich Hanson
Christine Rich Hanson

Author, Master Teacher, Certified Dating & Relationship Coach and Consultant, Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur, Top Writer in Love and Romance.

Helping you get results in dating and relationships in today's world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should men buy this course or only women?
Absolutely men should buy this course! This is an EXCELLENT program for men to understand how to spot a woman capable of long-term relationships. And on the first date!
When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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